OUTBOARD is a new production, audio engineering and arts organisation led by Hector MacInnes. Based on the legendary Isle of Skye on the west coast of Scotland, OUTBOARD is here to help with:

- all aspects of music production, from recording and arrangement through to editing, mixing and mastering.
- music production, composition and remote session recording.
- creative audio for arts projects including radio, podcast and installations.
- advice, consultancy and delivery of projects for events, community and youth work.

Hector is an experienced musician, producer and sound engineer who has performed and engineered for a wide range of acts including Mylo, The Dead Man's Waltz, Dàimh, Mairearad Green and Fras. Have a look around this site to see what OUTBOARD is currently working on, or visit hectormacinnes.com to learn about Hector's own arts practise.

OUTBOARD is the trading name of Hands On Studio Ltd. SC438499